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About Us

I have been in the hearing business for many years. I have worked for several hearing companies, including my father’s, and kept coming back to the same conclusion; I care more than most. I took my leap of faith in 2020 and opened ClearSound Solutions. I knew I wanted three basic things incorporated in my practice; honest integrity, fair prices and top-notch programming.

My moral compass has always lead me to an honest approach in this profession; I shoot it straight.

Hearing aids can be extremely expensive, especially if the hearing practice has a big office building with way too many bells and whistles. My Practice is simple and functional and most importantly, keeps my over-head low allowing me to have lower prices.

Most important to my business is my ability to fit your hearing aids to YOU. Several clients have come to me in years past and they were fed up with hearing aids, they paid a fortune and still couldn’t hear! I ask them to trust me and allow me to go on their hearing journey with them. We start with LISTENING TO OUR CLIENTS, followed by, a complete reprogramming of the hearing aids, we keep in constant contact and make adjustments to their setting as needed. Satisfaction guaranteed.